Re: [wmii] summary of some #wmii talk on 2006-03-02

From: Uriel <>
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2006 03:31:27 +0100

What the hell are you people thinking? This removes the whole dynamic
concept of cols, and makes it almost impossible to get a larswm-like behaviour.

On 3/2/06, Sander van Dijk <> wrote:
> Below follows a summary of some #wmii talk on 2006-03-02.
> Please note that these statements are not set in stone, they are
> probably open for discussion.
> - column capacity has to go, because it adds more to complexity than
> to usability; if users want to limit the amount of clients in a
> column, they'll have to do so manually.
Who the hell came up with the idea of "capacity"?!?! the idea was
_exclusive flag_
which is simpler, clean and easy to understand.

Note: probably "exclusive" flag would actually mean 'push all new
clients to the right' so it can be easily set on cols that have
already more than one client, I certainly can't see why there should
be anything difficult about its implementation.

> - more "CN " events: for instance when removing the last client from a
> page, when selecting an empty page, maybe others?
I can see why anything of this might be needed at all, actually, if
all pages are created 'on the fly' by using the tag-ws I described
before or some other way, this becomes completely unnecessary.

> - automatic column creation/removal should go away. Instead, users
> will have to create/remove them manually. New columns will be empty,
> only empty columns will be allowed to be removed. This is consistent
> with the way pages are created/removed.
> - columns will get some kind of bar at the top to make sure they are
> visible even when they are empty.
This last two points are nonsense and completely unnecessary if one
has exclusive flags for columns. To create a new col, just start a new
client in a col with exclusive flag set. To get rid of a col just move
all its' clients elsewhere.

This makes the whole system much more dynamic as one can create and
delete windows and one doesn't have to worry about keeping track of
existing cols and of reclaiming the space of empty cols, and one
doesn't waste space with the title for the col.

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