Re: [wmii] Stacks

From: Uriel <>
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2006 03:10:54 +0100

> Tagging windows with arbitrary tags sounds pretty painful to me.
> It is easy to press or invoke a tag sending a window to a
> specific page (that is like a tag) and you don't have to think
> about how you call the tag, because a page is associated with a
> number.
You would usually select from a predefined set of tags, and you probably
could asign default tags based on regexp matching of the window id
string, so I don't
think this is necessarily a big problem, you could then associate Alt+1 with
tag-ws "email" Alt+2 with tag-ws "dev" and so on, and one window could
show up in more than one virtual ws (a ws would be just a collection
of all clients that have a certain tag.)

New windows could inherit the tag of the current ws by default.

[BTW, once more, why the hell we have "pages" and not "workspaces"?
it's confusing and senseless]

> With this in mind, we already got 'dynamic pages' in my eyes,
> though I considered a completely different idea, namely to
> destroy empty pages automatically without the exception of page
> 0. But on the other hand it would force the dynamic concept
> completely on a page level and Machnus for example won't be able
> to keep up his static environment where a specific page contains
> specific clients for a special task ...
I don't like this, numbered workspaces should not be dynamic, because
there is no
nice way to select among them except by associating them with numbers,
if the associations change on the fly, it can be rather annoying.

At first I thought it was crazy, and it was mostly a joke, but I'm
starting to like the idea of tag-workspaces more and more, they could
easily implement the current behaviour (just have tags as numbers) and
they could be generalized to handle Machnus style of working too(just
associate a numeric (or mnemonic) keybinding with each of the tag-ws.
This would have the advantage of allowing to very easily show a client
in two different ws. You could have a 'nil' to collect all clients
that have no tags(but this would be rare, as new windows would at
least by default inherit the tag(s) of the current ws... oh, yes, a
single ws could have more than one tag, so for example you could have
irc+email ws.

Drawbacks I can think of is that cycling through the list of tag-ws
becomes less clearly defined, but then that always was a rather lousy
way to move around if you had too many ws.

I think the hard thing would be to come up with a default behaviour
that would work well right out of the box.

Anyway, maybe I have gone completely insane.

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