[wmii] layout discussion

From: Anselm R. Garbe <garbeam_AT_wmii.de>
Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2006 08:51:49 +0100

Hi there,

the major directions I noticed, which have been discussed are:

- nobody really wants an additional column bar
- empty columns is the most questionable point
- most agreed that an exclusive flag makes the concept lesser
  predictable and more complex
- but the larswm zooming feature seems to be liked by many users

So I think, that following concept might be a good compromise:

We don't allow empty columns, which implies that an explicit
column bar is not necessary. Instead we destroy empty columns
immediately. New columns can only be created if a client is
selected (if only 1 client exists, the old column will be
destroyed, otherwise an additional column will coexist where the
selected client is send to).
To get something like the larswm zooming feature there'll be a
swapto command, which swaps the selected client with a specific
different column. The sendto command might have the impact, that
a column gets empty and is destroyed.
There won't be an exclusive flag.

This is pretty much like the column layout we had in wmii snaps
already in Dec/Jan.

I think this is dynamic enough and you can easily aim the larswm

A good point about this concept is, that new clients get always
attached to the selected column and that new columns are always
created right-most (this is predictability).

Due to the removal of classic pages and introduction of tags in
next snap, this concept matches also better the dynamic WM
paradigm, because pages are not created/destroyed anymore, a ws
is only '(re)constructed' on the fly based on the tag matching.


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