Re: [wmii] getting stuck with an old 'status' - what's going on?

From: Jeffrey Lim <>
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 11:32:26 +0800

On 3/10/06, David Arroyo <> wrote:
> wmii-2.5 uses 9base, meaning the plan9 version of sed is being
> called, which has slightly different regexps from the gnu version.

thanks!!! apparently so... i did a quick "'ps' search" shell script,
and apparently the version of sed that was called was plan9 sed -
'/opt/plan9/bin/sed'. Did a "quick test" by symlinking plan9's sed to
the regular sed, and what'dyaknow, it worked!! My date display is now
in the proper format i want....

thanks!!!! I'll probably implement my fix later (no, not to move with
plan9 sed, but to call my own regular sed instead. And dont worry -
i'll put back that original plan9 sed ;))

> The only error I see in your regexps regarding the p9 format is
> that you escape the parentheses for grouping. The p9 sed doesn't
> need that. Try unescaping the parentheses and see if it helps.
> BTW 9base has been dropped in future versions. They are high
> quality, but it was decided it's too redundant having 2 userlands
> for a wm.

yeah, thanks - saw that in the list a few threads ago.

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