Re: [wmii] snap: 20060309

From: David Tweed <>
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 03:37:03 +0000 (GMT)

Some clarifications:

--- David Tweed <> wrote:

> My program can be asked to open a list of files at
> once and when doing this it opens (fltk) windows
> relatively quickly. I've found that I can open up to
> 28 windows in one go ok, but when I try to open 55
> at
> one I get at some point after opening the windows
> wmii
> crashes. If I first open 28 files, then open the
> remaining 27 I don't get the crash. (The precise
> numbers are just because I use regexps like "*.h" to
> specify files; I'm trying to come up with a better
> way
> to test this.) After a crash the XServer stderr log
> reads

I've discovered that it's not the speed of opening but
the number being opened in a column that causes the
problem. On my screen, original + 29 new title bars
fits onto the physical screen. Above that we hit more
windows than can fit on the screen, and the column's
visual look goes a bit weird but carries on but at
some point short of the final total wmii "crashes",
and this limit is definitely somewhere below 55
windows. However, I have checked and a for loop
opening 100 xterms in a column works (in the sense
that whilst the column's visual look goes weird once
you have more title bars than can physically fit in
the column, wmii doesn't "crash" and if you Ctrl-D
close within that column you end up in a usable state
once the number of xterms drops to the number you can
fit in a column.) Dunno what's different about fltk
windows and xterm windows though.

In a "crash" I get dumped out of X back into a VT.
However, no core files are produced and if I
gdb-attach (in a VT) to the wmiiwm process before
running the lethal open process, gdb tells me that the
process exited with status "01".

cheers, dave tweed

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