Re: [wmii] Other bugs in latest snap

From: Lars Noschinski <>
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 10:15:35 +0100

* Vincent <> [2006-03-17 09:54]:
>1. I got a tag screen laid out in two columns (the left one is Mozilla, the
>right one Gaim, itself further divided vertically between the « status »
>window over and the chat « window » under). When I switch to a different tag,
>then switch back, the chat window of Gaim does not reappear (it is replaced by
>the background) where it is supposed to be. Instead it is — wrongly —
>shifted to the left column, where it does not belong, and it is placed under
>Mozilla, so that it remains hidden. It's like a ghost window. But, I cannot
>extend the Gaim status window, though. There seems to be a confusion between
>the logical coordinates as kept by Wmii and the place the window really

Some problem occours here (but only sometimes, I was not able to find a
pattern till now) with psi's chat windows (it always seems to be the
window in the lower right corner).

You can work around this by sending a window to another column, this
re-places the window at the correct position.
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