Re: [wmii] feature suggestion/is this feature available yet?

From: Jeffrey Lim <>
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 13:11:25 +0800

On 3/13/06, John Nowak <> wrote:
> I think it goes beyond that. There are only so many features you can
> cram into something before it becomes difficult maintain and
> difficult to use. Sometimes I think you just need to say, "This
> feature isn't necessary -- Let's leave it out." I personally think OS
> X (and much Mac software in general) is a great example of this.
> Despite what a lot of open source advocates say about feature bloat
> in Windows and commercial software in general, OSS projects are often
> the biggest offenders. I think the main reason for this is that it
> takes a tough man (or woman) in charge to say "no" when necessary.
> I'm glad Anselm can say no.

and i generally agree. I would like for wmii to be as slim and yet as
"not-featureless" (ie. whatever is essential should really be there)
as possible. The key thing here is to pack in as much "oomph" as
possible into the limited amount of space that we have for the code.
Scriptability, for instance, is one way of doing it. I in particular
like the way i can more or less "script" my wm via the use of the
wmiir commands. Makes for a great and powerful wm indeed, without all
of the bloat....

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