Re: [wmii] feature suggestion/is this feature available yet?

From: Jeffrey Lim <>
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 12:56:58 +0800

On 3/14/06, jeff covey <> wrote:
> you don't say what it is you actually want to do, but if i understand you
> correctly, you mean that you have trouble switching between the different
> applications running in your xterms. if so, screen probably is the answer
> for you.

i've actually mentioned in my post that screen is not the answer for
me; but then again, after thinking about what u say, i think that it
might help.

I must say, though, that sometimes due to the fact that i need to work
on so many things at once/want to track so many things, i end up
having many "screen" sessions instead. eg. one "screen" (*note i use
"screen" here as in what u see when u do a 'screen -ls' - each line
being a separate "screen") for my various config file editting
sessions, another screen for my "ping output" sessions, another for
what i do in /tmp, etc. etc..

> use "screen -ls" to get the pid of the screen session you're using in your
> main xterm, then "screen -x [pid]" in another xterm to attach to that
> session without detaching it from the main xterm. you can then leave the
> watcher xterm on whatever screen you want to watch and go on using the main
> xterm. when you want to interact with something you see in the watcher
> xterm, you don't need to switch xterms, just use screen to switch to that
> screen.
> hope that's clear; it's simpler than it sounds... :)

I think it would have been clearer if u had distinguished ur various
definitions of "screen" here - u refer to "screen" as in "screen
session" (or the lines u see in 'screen -ls'), and then u refer to
"screen" as in a shell within a "screen session" as well (when u see
listed at the bottom when u do a 'C-a w'). I got u though - and i
really appreciate whatu tried to communicate here. It has definitely
helped me.

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