Re: [wmii] feature suggestion/is this feature available yet?

From: jeff covey <>
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 14:57:54 -0500

on Mon, Mar 20, 2006 at 12:56:58PM +0800%, Jeffrey Lim said:

> i've actually mentioned in my post that screen is not the answer for me

you still don't say what you actually want, but your reply suggests that the
problem is not that screen can't do it, but that you don't understand
screen. you're going to the doctor, but you're telling him the diagnosis
instead of describing your symptoms.

> i end up having many "screen" sessions for my various config file editting
> sessions, another screen for my "ping output" sessions, another for what i
> do in /tmp, etc. etc..

use -m to create nested screen sessions, setting "escape" so the keybindings
don't conflict with the parent session. set "caption always" and "zombie"
on them as appropriate. split and resize as needed. turn on monitoring for
the screens you want to watch. name the sessions with -S so you can more
easily attach the main session and any subsessions to one or multiple
locations as needed.

to have it all happen automatically whenever you start screen, create a
separate .screenrc for each of your tasks and call them with "-m -c [file]"
from the main .screenrc. in addition to starting processes in screens, my
~/.screenrc creates three nested sessions, including one which opens four
ssh login connections to users on other machines, and opens an ssh
connection to a user on another machine which attaches an already-running
screen session there as a nested session of the one here, or creates it with
the appropriate screens and applications if it's not already running.

i really don't think you're doing anything so unique that screen can't help

> > use "screen -ls" to get the pid of the screen session you're using in
> > your main xterm, then "screen -x [pid]" in another xterm to attach to
> > that session without detaching it from the main xterm. you can then
> > leave the watcher xterm on whatever screen you want to watch and go on
> > using the main xterm. when you want to interact with something you see
> > in the watcher xterm, you don't need to switch xterms, just use screen
> > to switch to that screen.
> I think it would have been clearer if u had distinguished ur various
> definitions of "screen" here - u refer to "screen" as in "screen session"
> (or the lines u see in 'screen -ls'), and then u refer to "screen" as in a
> shell within a "screen session"

no, i don't. please reread what you just quoted.


jeff covey

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