[wmii] Re: tags vs. views

From: Anselm R. Garbe <garbeam_AT_wmii.de>
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 09:32:22 +0200

On Fri, Mar 31, 2006 at 09:22:40AM +0200, Sander van Dijk wrote:
> > No. The bar displays tags and cached views in a distinct way
> > (actually I'm going to push a change which makes this more
> > clear, because each view in the bar will contain a [n] suffix
> > displaying the selected area of the view).
> >
> > Distinct in this regard means, if a view exists for a specific
> > tag, the tag is not displayed (because the view has the same
> > name). If a view has not been created for specific tag(s) it is
> > not displayed, but the tags are displayed (now without the [n]
> > suffix).
> So tags are displayed, but only when there is no view by the same
> name? Sound a bit clunky to me.

No, yes, but there is no redundant information.

Btw. I recently pushed another patch which removes the [n]
suffixes, instead it prepends ~ to the label, if the associated
view has selected floating layer, that is important if you are
going to retag a client for such a specific view, that the
client is always attached to the specific layer. That has also
the advantage, that you can just toggle to floating mode before
you run an application (which will be floating even if you don't
have a rule in /def/rules).

> No, as a normal user, you don't want to know about cached views. A
> view is not a "thing"; moreover, for the user, there should be no
> difference between cached and uncached (= possible) views. Views are
> just a way to show all the windows with one or more tags, and not the
> others, on the screen. As a courtesy, wmii remembers what the layout
> was for a certain tag-combination; this is implemented by caching the
> seen-before views. This internal working should however not be
> propagated to the outside (UI) however: as far as the user is
> concerned, there should be no difference between cached and uncached
> views; there are just views, and if you (the user) made a certain
> layout in a view, it is remembered. If you did't, you'll get some
> default layout.
> About the hard-to-select issue: as long as selecting a joint view is
> not harder than creating it, I don't believe there's a problem; In
> this situation I described, this would be the case.

Once you created such view, you want to know that it still
contains clients (and it can even contain more clients in the


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