[wmii] wmiirc shortcuts

From: Nep <neptun_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2006 13:52:17 +0000

> I have one suggestion on this, which you might like to implement
> (or maybe not).
> Most of the shortcuts (I think I have only one where this is not
> true at the moment) are simply mapped to some program call. So
> for me it would be nice to have them in an array together with
> the commands, instead of having to edit them in separate places.
> With your patch I'd still have to create the shortcut variable,
> add it to the wmiir write /def/keys call and to the case statement
> as well. Your patch saves on changing existing shortcuts only
> (which is still an improvement).
> So the idea would be to have an array for the "simple" shortcuts
> containing the shortcut and the associated command. Writing these
> to /def/keys appears straight forward. The event loop however
> would need to check for all shortcuts in the array and then
> execute the associated command. I have no idea how to do this in
> sh, however. For "advanced" shortcuts the current case construction
> should be kept.
> What do you think?

my solution: http://www.wmii.de/index.php/WMII/WmiircUpdate

In this way i can keep all my shorcuts related code in one place. everything
is inserted automatically in the right place in the wmiirc file.
it also has the nice advantage that i don't have to edit my wmiirc file
manually after updates (main reason i wrote it).
maybe you'll find it useful
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