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From: Tube <>
Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2006 17:38:15 +0200

On Sat, Apr 08, 2006 at 11:10:13PM +0300, Alexandru E. Ungur wrote:
> >
> Beyond the minimalistic aspect of WMII though, what sets it apart from the
> tons of minimalistic WMs out there, is the **dynamic** part, the proposed

yeah, nearly forgot that ... ;)

> If you only have a xterm, a xchat and a xmms, then I agree with you: you
> always know when you're in THE xterm :D
> But what about when you're having 7 xterms open at all times, one with
> log tails, one with servers monitoring software, one for coding, one or
> two for current sysadmin tasks, one for the IM and so on... split on
> two columns, stacked, etc. ? And I was talking about just one view :)

to make it clear: _that_ is exactly my environment. on most views there
are only terms. but, actually, they have all the same title ("aterm")

> What should I do then? Draw myself a map using pen and paper to find my
> way around... ? :)

hehe, no. quickly flipping thourgh the terms in case you forgot where
your needed shell was

> Minimalism is nice, but if all I wanted was just minimalism, I would
> still be using flux|black|open|whatever+box. It is that 'little something
> different' that sets WMII apart from the minimalistic crowd that I think
> it attracted most of us here...

ack! i absolutely agree. wmii is small, minimalistic but nevertheless
has more useful functions than and not the loads of crap as other WMs


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