Re: [wmii] multitags

From: Alexandru E. Ungur <>
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2006 23:10:13 +0300

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> On Sat, Apr 08, 2006 at 11:02:52AM +0200, Stefan Tibus wrote:
> >
> > > > reason). In other words, this overhead means several hundred
> > > > lines of code.
> > > that's an argument
> > That's your point of view. To me it isn't.
> wmii is a small and minimalistic WM, and that is good
Small *and* minimalistic sounds like a pleonasm, but then again I'm no
grammar expert ;)
Beyond the minimalistic aspect of WMII though, what sets it apart from the
tons of minimalistic WMs out there, is the **dynamic** part, the proposed
goal (and mostly achieved) of managing the windows for us, mere lusers :D

> > > agree with it. even better, you can now again get rid of window bars as
> > > the only reason i saw for them was displaying the appropriate tag
> > Do you really have that small screens that you can't afford those
> > 16 pixels height per window? (If people don't like it, make it
> > configurable.)
> configurable would be OK. but that might result in more code again
Configurable sounds nice, having choices is not always bad :)

> > To me it appears more useful to have window titles in their title bar
> what for? when you're in an xterm then you know that you're in an xterm
> and you don't need a bar to tell you. and for me, no matter how
> small/big my screen is a bar is always one more shell line
If you only have a xterm, a xchat and a xmms, then I agree with you: you
always know when you're in THE xterm :D
But what about when you're having 7 xterms open at all times, one with
log tails, one with servers monitoring software, one for coding, one or
two for current sysadmin tasks, one for the IM and so on... split on
two columns, stacked, etc. ? And I was talking about just one view :)
What should I do then? Draw myself a map using pen and paper to find my
way around... ? :)

Minimalism is nice, but if all I wanted was just minimalism, I would
still be using flux|black|open|whatever+box. It is that 'little something
different' that sets WMII apart from the minimalistic crowd that I think
it attracted most of us here...

My .02c
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