Re: Re: [wmii] multitags

From: Tube <>
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2006 18:54:46 +0200

On Sat, Apr 08, 2006 at 11:02:52AM +0200, Stefan Tibus wrote:
> > > reason). In other words, this overhead means several hundred
> > > lines of code.
> > that's an argument
> That's your point of view. To me it isn't.

wmii is a small and minimalistic WM, and that is good

> > agree with it. even better, you can now again get rid of window bars as
> > the only reason i saw for them was displaying the appropriate tag
> Do you really have that small screens that you can't afford those
> 16 pixels height per window? (If people don't like it, make it
> configurable.)

configurable would be OK. but that might result in more code again

> To me it appears more useful to have window titles in their title bar

what for? when you're in an xterm then you know that you're in an xterm
and you don't need a bar to tell you. and for me, no matter how
small/big my screen is a bar is always one more shell line

> Whether you experience this yourself or not, there are circumstances
> in which title bars are very useful to find the window I like to

ok, might be

> And in principle one could make more use of them (e.g. mouse and menu
> driven tag changes or whatever). They're not just wasted space.

actually, i dont need a mouse to select a win/client within a "normal"
wmii-environment. _that_ is one of the main reasons for wmii (IMHO at

> Minimalism and user-friendlyness do not always fit together...

in wmii they do ;)


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