Re: [wmii] tagging suggestions

From: Anselm R. Garbe <>
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 13:18:00 +0200

On Mon, Apr 10, 2006 at 05:04:48AM -0400, John Nowak wrote:
> I'd like to see something like this:
> meta-1 through meta-9 -- shows all windows with that tag
> ctrl-meta-1 through control meta-9 -- adds tag N to the selected window
> shift-meta-1 through shift-meta-9 -- removes tag N from the selected
> window
> The key commands used with 0 have special meanings:
> meta-0 -- shows all windows with no tags
> ctrl-meta-0 -- assigns the selected window ALL tags (*)
> shift-meta-0 -- removes ALL selected tags from a window (relegating
> it to meta-0)

You can achieve this already in wmiirc, though you need some
extra lines in the specific key handlers.

> Also, the frame/window should not disappear or move until it loses
> focus. For example, I could select it, remove all tags, add three
> other tags, then switch to a different window -- only then would the
> tag changes take effect. This lets me change a few things without
> stuff jumping all over, and lets me undo something if I screw up. It
> also takes care of the "what window gets focus when I remove this
> window from this tag-screen" problem, as you change focus deliberately.

That's an interesting suggestion, but I'm not sure it would work

> constantly, making names even more silly. A overview window that
> shoes all 10 tag screens and which windows are in which would be
> fantastic.

Views are only created on request and exist until the associated
tag disappeares. Thus, in general we have no geometry
information about not-yet-existing views (though one could think
about creating a view for each tag when it occures, because we
limit the view selection to single tags only). But an overview
window like the pager in wmii sounds pretty much overhead
because it tells much less in the tagging world than in the
classic workspace world. I think having the tag labels in the
bar is sufficient enoough to keep track of existing tag's and
ready-to-select'able views.


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