Re: [wmii] tagging suggestions

From: Bill Puschmann <>
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 10:01:50 -0400

> I personally think names for tags are very silly, and a waste of
> time. I'd like to see it all happen without any text entry... just
> straight key commands as above. Remembering that 0 is web apps, 1 is
> games, 2 is vi, etc, is probably the easiest thing I have to keep in
> my head with running a *nix system. My usage patterns change
> constantly, making names even more silly. A overview window that
> shoes all 10 tag screens and which windows are in which would be
> fantastic.

And this was the same kind of "wrong" thinking (not derogatory... just
not "correct")that I was employing while the tags were getting
themselves straightened out. You have described desktops/virtual
workspaces named [1-9] - not tagging. I did the exact same thing
during the switch.

Try naming tags. And, yes, use "names" not numbers. That worked out
really well for me - as soon as I started doing that, I started seeing
the tags for what they were where... rather than an address for a
desktop, it was like associating metadata with a window. It's a
hurdle at first, admittedly (the manual bit) - but the $MODKEY-Shift-t
works wonders. Do like Stefan suggests - tag your mail windows (I
have two), browser windows, etc. If you do remote work, tag all those
windows/consoles with the foreign machine name.

And then jog over to the Code Snippets page on There's a
nice bit of stuff there that maps $MODKEY-[0-9] to the first, second,
third, etc. tags that appear in the bar.

After that all starts to feel "normal" - then set up rules in wmiirc.
You'll have already gotten comfortable with the selection mechanism,
the idea behind it and (most importantly) the tag names you use most.
Plus, using $MODKEY-Shift-t it's easy to "multitag" by using tab to
autocomplete the existing tag, and a +, and then the other tag name.

At least that's how I approached tagging. Unfortunatley, I'm hooked.
But, yes, it's a different way of visualizing your system. Once
that's out of the way, it's quite intuitive.
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