Re: [wmii] snap: 20060411

From: Jani H. Lahtinen <>
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2006 13:15:21 +0300

ext Sander van Dijk wrote:

>On 4/11/06, Jani H. Lahtinen <> wrote:
>>Not a terribly loss, but it is prettier as a concept when the view
>>command is interpreted as "now I want to see all things that have a
>>property X" instead of "now I want to go to look at the desktop X that I
>>have constructed previously that contains things that I usually want to
>>look at at the same time." The first is more dynamic is it not?
>"now I want to see all things that have a property X" is exactly the
>way it's done now: you give all clients one or more tags (for instance
>"aap+noot"), and when you say to wmii "now I want to see all things
>that have a property "aap", it will show you all clients that have
>this property ("aap"), among which is the client with the properties
>"aap+noot". The only thing that has been removed is displaying
>multiple properties at once ("now I want to see all thing that have
>either property X OR property Y).
Yes, but the difference is when you define what you want to see. Do you
a) decide when putting things into the basked which are the ones that
you are probably going to look at at the same time or b) decide when
pulling them for viewing which were the ones of relevance at a given
time. Granted that since our database only has categories and no
relations between them there is not much difference, but the difference
is there.

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