Re: [wmii] Dynamicness, Window Sizes (again, sorry) and Xinerama.

From: Konstantin Kletschke <>
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2006 16:05:44 +0200

Am 2006-04-11 15:19 +0200 schrieb Anselm R. Garbe:

> Maybe. I used 2.5.2 recently and found it less dynamic.

I have no doubt in that.

> The reason of your impression might be, that you think in a way
> which is dominated by larswm(aka tiled)-layout. Actually I use

Yeah, this may be.

> That is the reason for swapping, which never destroys columns.


> >--->---$MODKEY-Control-h)
> >--->--->---xwrite /view/sel/sel/ctl swap prev
> >--->--->---xwrite /view/sel/ctl select next;;
> >--->---$MODKEY-Control-l)
> >--->--->---xwrite /view/sel/sel/ctl swap next
> >--->--->---xwrite /view/sel/ctl select prev;;
> >--->---$MODKEY-Control-j)
> >--->--->---xwrite /view/sel/sel/ctl swap down
> >--->--->---xwrite /view/sel/ctl select up;;
> >--->---$MODKEY-Control-k)
> >--->--->---xwrite /view/sel/sel/ctl swap up
> >--->--->---xwrite /view/sel/ctl select down;;

All right, as I said, I will take the time this evening to investigate
and get used to the new concept. Actually, here at work, I only
installed a current snap a couple of days ago and startet learning some
bindings other than in 2.5.2.

I will also test your suggested bindings to get used to the power of
current snaps ;-)

Regards, Konsti

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