Re: [wmii] Dynamicness, Window Sizes (again, sorry) and Xinerama.

From: Adrian Ratnapala <>
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 20:45:59 +1000

> Defining percent might be sufficient even for xinerama.

Maybe I misunderstood. It would have been a problem
if percentages meant the absolute position of
boundaries shift in order to preserve certain ratios.
Percentages as just a unit of measure are fine.

I'll take a first guess at a good interface with a use
case. I want my left monitor at 1600:1200 and the right at
1280:1024. And say I decide to split the RHS monitor

echo -n 55.556 | wmiir /reg/1/x # the 1600:1200 screen boundary
echo -n 85.333 | wmir /reg/1/height # be 1024 pixels, don't inherit 1200
echo -n 87.667 | wmir /reg/2/x # split screen 2 70:30, inherit h=1024

"reg" stands for "region", maybe you can think of a way of avoiding
this new data structure while getting everything else right.
Anyway, /reg/0/x is automatically 0 and /reg/0/height is defaults to
100. Subsequent regions DO NOT have to be sorted in order of
increasing "x".

The initial column spans all regions, but "belongs to" /reg/0.
If a new col. is made, we search the current col for lowest numbered
region with it's "x" inside the selected col. This is /reg/1, so now
we have one col per monitor. The RHS monitor is now the proper
height too.

I will want to choose interactively which monitor to split, so
lets say I do something similar to the old "$MODKEY-Shift-n"
while the left col. is selected, then no region border will be
found, so /reg/0 will be split 50:50 (then 33:33:33 and so on).

If a new col is created while the *right* col is selected, /reg/2
will be found, and the RHS monitor is split 70:30, and the new
col has the same height as before because /reg/2 inherited
from /reg/1.
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