Re: [wmii] Request for comments/help

From: Denis Grelich <>
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 23:37:01 +0200

Have some issues as well, there's a list:
all the - should be --- without spaces, or at least --
"" should not be used. `` ''

1.3 Wmii [...]
not to exceed 10K lines of code
        small 'k'

2.2 Configuration and Installation
and gentoo should already have good
        'Gentoo' capitalized

3.2 Focus
In X11, exactly one client gets the users input.

4.1 First steps
the first term is the name of the tag of the window. Then, after the vertical line (the pipe symbol)
wmii shows the title of the window.
        there is no pipe symbol anymore?

4.2 Using Columns
        columns not capitalized

What about adding '?' to the rethorical questions

4.6 How do I close a window
Well, first of all every X-Client should have

Thus, the Window Manager has to provide
        window manager

4.7 How do I start programs
You may start programs out of a xterm.
        an xterm

5.3 The glue that puts it all together - 9p
        is it 9p or 9P? (in the whole paragraph)

5.4 Tools
This section gives an little overview of the tools that wmii, but for more detailed explana-
tions you should read the man page of each tool, that comes with wmii.
        something is broken here. (btw: it's "a little overview")

6.2 actions
        capitalized: Actions

6.4 Changing the looks
you might know from html.
second is the main colour of bars borders,
        bar borders

6.5 Filling the status-bar
how the bar will be painted(appearance),
        add a space: painted (appearance)
monitoring remaining battery, temperature,\dots
        add a space: temperature, \dots
to save us from typing a lot by issueing

Then, in typography, the - is never used. In the most Chapter and section headings you would rather use --- (without spaces between --- and the words left and right). If you really don't like this, at least use --. (Note: in german, there is no ---, only -- is used, but /with/ spaces). Also, " is never used as well. Rather use `` and '' instead.


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