Re: [wmii] snap: 20060425

From: Chris Foster <>
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2006 18:21:55 +1000

> > When changing between views the location of the focus is lost. eg:
> > * Create a view with two columns
> > * Go to the rightmost column
> > * Go to another view and then back again
> > * The focus will have switched to the leftmost column - I find this kind
> > of irritating since I tend to use multiple views for a single task.
> Actually this is the same bug as above - the client under the mouse gets
> focused and raised, which again is even more annoying in a stacked column.

Oops. My apologies... Hmm, and I though I'd checked it carefully...
just goes to show how little I use the mouse I guess.

I've just noticed another bug, which seems to also be the result of the
new focus model:

* Make a view with two xterms in floating mode, make sure they're
* Focus the first one created, and put the mouse over the overlapping region
* Try to move to another view, and watch as all hell breaks loose [1]

All this leads me to believe that sloppy raise is a bad idea, (on the
other hand sloppy _focus_ without raising is good IMO).


[1] "all hell breaks loose" meaning that focus rapidly switches between
the xterms on the first view, and the clients in the view you're trying
to look at.
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