Re: [wmii] snap: 20060425

From: Tad <>
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 05:35:41 -0700

wmii-3 is cool, but I spy an annoying problem: new windows are always
created at the bottom of the stack. When I open up a feh window from elinks
to view an image, then close feh, the focus turns to the next-from-bottom
client, which is usually not what I was last using. This forces me to look
through the window titles and find the instance of elinks I was previously

Ideally, new windows should be inserted after the current window in the
stack, thus making sure the focus reverts to the previously viewed window in
situations like this.

In addition, here's another feature request: alt-tabbing through views. I
don't like the clumsy workaround from the Code Snippets section; for one,
it's not consistent, in that alt-1 won't send me to my "dev" view after I've
created a view named "abc". C'mon, we have alt+hjkl for moving sequentially
through clients+columns, why can't we have alt+tab and alt+shift+tab for

Other than that, it's beautiful.
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