[wmii] Column Layouts

From: David Arroyo <goodluv_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 20:33:00 -0400

I've been using wmii for a long time now, and I've become more and more
convinced that the current perception of column layouts as "modes" is broken
and introduces complexity that isn't needed. Partitioning stacks and
maximized windows presents a jarring rigidity that does not fit in with the
rest of such a flexible window manager. Though there's no problem with max
mode, it should be easy to layout your column with any combination of stacks
and viewable windows that you desire.

So, instead of treating each column as being in a specific "mode", it should
just be a matter of geometry. "The window in this column has been sized so
large that only the titlebars of the other windows are visible." So instead
of changing a columns mode, alt-s would push windows other than the selected
one to the top and bottom of the columns. alt-m would go farther. This frees
up alt-d, which could possibly be bound to "grow" a client in its column by a
set (perhaps configurable) amount. Clients selected with 0 height can also be
grown in this amount, so you can cycle over windows as one cycles over
folders in a filing cabinet, looking at the sliver of window that peeps up.
To get the current behaviour would require you to select the window and use
the stack action, which is arguably not as ideal, but you'd get the benefit
of more flexibility with columns. I have heard a few people on #wmii ask if
they could have more than one window viewable in a stacked column.

To reiterate, the current implementation of column "modes" is overengineered.
I know little of wmii under the hood, but perhaps making the geometry file
more robust and eliminating column modes would be save some lines and some
sanity. Note that if this is properly implemented, there will be little
difference from the current behaviour, which is still very acceptable. This
request enters the realm of fine-tuning; the stuff that will turn wmii from a
window manager into a lovingly crafted work of art, and is probably better
off in queue for wmii-4, if the proposal is to be considered at all. I'm not
saying what you aught; I just feel the issue deserves some thought.
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