Re: [wmii] wmii-4 idea - column capacity for a tag

From: Doug Bell <>
Date: Mon, 8 May 2006 07:28:32 -0400

Stefan Tibus wrote:
> On Sun, May 07, 2006 at 10:45:18AM -0400, Doug Bell wrote:
> > This got me thinking that you could do something similar for the number
> > of columns in a tag. A tag-capacity setting of 1 would behave like
> > wmii-3, placing new clients as a new row in the current column. A
> > setting of 2 would place a new client in a new column if there was only
> > a single existing column. And 3 or more would, of course, create new
> > columns for clients until the set number of columns are reached.
> Hmm...not my thing. And I have to say this makes things as less dynamic
> as the manual creation of empty columns which has been voted against in
> the past. There is no good algorithm to generally tell whether to create
> a new column for a new client or not. I may like to use this behaviour
> in one view but not in another, so I'd have to set this flag for my
> often-used views upon start-up of wmii and then I think we're somewhere
> in the area of predefining layouts which AFAIK is not wanted...

Allow me to defend my idea a bit - then, if nobody likes it I'll shut up

I think this number-of-columns flag would be most useful as a global
default in wmiirc. So it wouldn't be similar to layouts.

You say this would make things "less dynamic"? So _manually_ moving the
second client to a new column each time (at high resolution, the full
screen with is rarely useful for a client) is somehow more dynamic?
Dynamic should mean doing the right thing most of the time without user
intervention. And dynamic should not preclude the use of some global
user-preferences to achieve that.

Keep in mind that this isn't really a mode (unlike the
default/stacked/max modes, which, if you want to talk about less
dynamic...). If this flag causes a new column to be created when you
didn't want it, you just move the client back. It's just easier to
_usually_ get what you want.

Finally, what's the harm in allowing a choice? If you like the current
behavior, set this flag to 1. If you run high resolution and/or liked
the old tiled behavior, a setting of 2 gets a little closer to the

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