Re: [wmii] Inferno/Styx - why wmii is in C and is part of the Anti-Matrix

From: Uriel <>
Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 11:34:43 +0200

> I agree that the linguistic objections with Scheme-alike langs
> can't be dismissed at all, they are one of the reasons that such
> langs weren't very successful for the general purpose.
> However there are applications in which such langs are without any
> competitors. And the author ignores the fact, that Scheme-alike
> langs behave like a stack machine, just they are direct
> representations of a special kind of computer (though an
> abstract computer, which cannot be compared with von
> Neumann-like architectures).
> But I cannot imagine an abstract Object-Model-like computer.

WTF are you talking about? any turing complete programming language
represents some 'kind of computer' (what a yucky expression.) What
matters is what kind of abstractions the language has to offer and how
well they fit the problem domain at hand. C and Scheme are good
general purpose languages because they provide very simple yet general
abstractions, C++ and Java are no-purpose languages because the only
thing they are good for is to write books that look like detergent
boxes (and to create a huge artificial job market for monkeys, see .)

> > The only way to acquire real knowledge is by being extremely critical
> > _and_ open to all ideas, no matter where they come from. LISP and C
> I'll remember this statement by you, especially the 'extremely
> open' ;)

I'm always very open to different ideas, just because I'm also very
critical doesn't mean that I'm not open. Also with time one learns to
filter crap faster, there is too much junk out there to investigate it
all. What I can't stand is the same old crap with a new envelope.

> > And The Matrix is one of the worst movies of all times, empty special
> > effects pretending to be philosophy, how pathetic, how low have we
> > gone.
> I can agree, I don't like the movie(s), but the idea is quite
> interesting, however reading Freud will present much more
> insights and much more strange ideas of what you believe to
> 'know' and who you believe to 'be', if there is any 'being' at
> all...

Bullshit, the core matrix idea is something every healthy kid eight
years old has
thought about a million times. And Freud was full of shit, maybe many
of his followers were even worse giving him a somewhat worse name than
he deserves, but he was still a moron.

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