Re: [wmii] New Website?

From: David Arroyo <>
Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 22:29:34 -0400

The wiki was custom-made by garbeam: . I
think now would be a good time for someone with the skill to step forward and
provide a more elegant implementation of the current behaviour, as garbeam
himself admitted he is no php programmer. Right now my biggest gripe, beyond
a few cosmetics, is the URI. I find the ?key=value queries hideous. I'd much
rather have and, but that's
probably just me and of small importance.

+++ John Nowak [18/05/06 22:00 -0400]:
>On May 18, 2006, at 9:12 PM, Bill Puschmann wrote:
>>But with elinks (especially), the old format just makes things so much
>>more accessible.
>Strange -- As an elinks user, I find this much easier. Progressive
>disclosure makes me happy. Beautiful.
>Actually, this is one of the best sites I've seen, period. What wiki
>codebase is this? Did you write a custom theme, or is it a stock
>theme? Or better yet, is it just simple HTML templates?
>The lack of valid xhtml would annoy me if I were to employ it myself,
>but functionality it is great. I suppose that's just a matter of
>replacing the parser with something else.
>- John
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