[wmii] Broken vs. Recommended Apps

From: Doug Bell <dougb_AT_bellz.org>
Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 06:44:08 -0400


I've been trying out various image viewers and decided to give qiv and
feh a try, since they are both on the "recommended" apps list on the
wiki. What's strange is that they both seem to be severely broken when
used with wmii-3. I couldn't get either one to cooperate in a managed
window. They even behaved somewhat unpredictably in fullscreen and
floating modes.

Am I doing something wrong? Or should they be removed from the
recommended list?

While I'm on the subject, I think that the "recommended" and "broken"
lists could be misleading for new wmii users. The "broken" list
includes Firefox, gqview and openoffice.org. They might not be perfect,
but all three are quite usable from wmii. And only the listing for
Firefox includes any further explanation.

Meanwhile, the "recommended" list consists mostly of console-based apps.
While I personally use many of them (vim, mutt, mpd and sometimes
ELinks), someone new to wmii might reasonably think that console apps
are the only things that work and get turned away.

What do others think?

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