Re: [wmii] Broken vs. Recommended Apps

From: Mark R <>
Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 13:29:23 -0600

I have a feeling that those not comfortable with console apps will not
find much appealing about wmii anyway - wasn't one of the original
intents to produce a wm that implemented mouseless interaction in an
elegant way?

I've found the same unpredictable behaviour from feh, though it's
sporadic and I haven't really paid enough attention to it to be more
specific. I'll try it again.

On 5/23/06, Doug Bell <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been trying out various image viewers and decided to give qiv and
> feh a try, since they are both on the "recommended" apps list on the
> wiki. What's strange is that they both seem to be severely broken when
> used with wmii-3. I couldn't get either one to cooperate in a managed
> window. They even behaved somewhat unpredictably in fullscreen and
> floating modes.
> Am I doing something wrong? Or should they be removed from the
> recommended list?
> While I'm on the subject, I think that the "recommended" and "broken"
> lists could be misleading for new wmii users. The "broken" list
> includes Firefox, gqview and They might not be perfect,
> but all three are quite usable from wmii. And only the listing for
> Firefox includes any further explanation.
> Meanwhile, the "recommended" list consists mostly of console-based apps.
> While I personally use many of them (vim, mutt, mpd and sometimes
> ELinks), someone new to wmii might reasonably think that console apps
> are the only things that work and get turned away.
> What do others think?
> Doug.
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