Re: [wmii] columns

From: David Bronke <>
Date: Sun, 28 May 2006 21:14:21 -0400

> > Perhaps a better solution would be to only allow two columns? I've
> > never used more than two, and I imagine most others are in the same
> > boat. The complexity of controlling things is increased by the
> > ability to have more than two columns: We have this whole left/
> > right non-wrapping navigation now, which is a pain. If we cap it at
> > two columns, we can replace the left/right with a simple "other
> > column" command or something similar. Instead of having to move
> > left or right, perhaps two or more times, changing columns is
> > always the same command, and always used just once.

I hope you don't mean to make this a hard (non-configurable) limit. I
work on 2 monitors on a daily basis, and a change like this would be
bad enough to make me switch back to fluxbox... I average 3 or 4
columns per workspace.

> How about this instead: Kill the idea of unique columns per
> workspace, and instead make "columns" a way to show multiple
> "workspaces" simultaneously, one "workspace" per column, with
> default, stacked, and maximized views for columns like we have for rows?

That might be a more flexible solution...

> You could then use a command to switch a visible column to the
> "workspace" with the same tag. A bonus is that since workspaces can
> contain floating windows. I could have the Gimp on the left 80% of my
> screen, aterms on the right, and the gimp would be unable to spawn
> any crap over my aterms. It also simplifies the metaphor a lot, as we
> no longer have any concrete idea of separate workspaces... It's just
> one constantly mutating meta-workspace.

Personally, I like the base idea, but I'd like to reformulate it a
bit... I don't want to lose my separate workspaces. However, maybe
think of each column as a view, so that a tag can be viewed on
multiple workspaces, as well as one workspace containing multiple


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