Re: [wmii] columns

From: Adrian Ratnapala <>
Date: Mon, 29 May 2006 12:39:01 +1000

On 29/05/06, David Bronke <> wrote:
> > > Perhaps a better solution would be to only allow two columns? I've
> > > never used more than two, and I imagine most others are in the same
> I hope you don't mean to make this a hard (non-configurable) limit. I
> work on 2 monitors on a daily basis, and a change like this would be
> bad enough to make me switch back to fluxbox... I average 3 or 4
> columns per workspace.

I'm in the same boat. Two columns with Xinerama is an entirely
different thing from two columns without. I know that Xinerama support
is in the pipeline but really the "hard" part of it is in deciding what
to do with columns. Probing the Xinerama extension is trivial and
probably should not even be in the wmiiwm binary. But once it
is probed, you need a way to use it. If there were some good mechanism
for specifying default window boundaries, Xinerama would fit right in.

> > How about this instead: Kill the idea of unique columns per
> > workspace, and instead make "columns" a way to show multiple

I'd vote yes to this, but could people more clued in than me
explain how all this fits in with tagging?
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