Re: [wmii] columns

From: David Arroyo <>
Date: Sun, 28 May 2006 22:44:31 -0400

>>Perhaps a better solution would be to only allow two columns? I've
>>never used more than two, and I imagine most others are in the same
>>boat. The complexity of controlling things is increased by the
>>ability to have more than two columns: We have this whole left/
>>right non-wrapping navigation now, which is a pain. If we cap it at
>>two columns, we can replace the left/right with a simple "other
>>column" command or something similar. Instead of having to move
>>left or right, perhaps two or more times, changing columns is
>>always the same command, and always used just once.

Very seldom do I use more than two columns. But I work at
1280x1024 res on a 17" screen... ceilings are not 5 feet high so
midgets can replace lightbulbs, and wmii should not take steps
backwards, as displays get larger and cheaper.

>How about this instead: Kill the idea of unique columns per
>workspace, and instead make "columns" a way to show multiple
>"workspaces" simultaneously, one "workspace" per column, with
>default, stacked, and maximized views for columns like we have for rows?

So, if I want to move a client from one column to the other, I
have to change its tag? What if I want to arrange clients of one
tag into two columns? Say I have mutt open, that I want full
height for lengthy e-mails such as these, and also a terminal
displaying e-mail aliases for me to cut and paste. I'd have to
tag them differently, even though they both deal with mail. And
what if a client is tagged with both viewed tags? Will it appear
in both columns? This seems like a really good way to complicate

>You could then use a command to switch a visible column to the
>"workspace" with the same tag. A bonus is that since workspaces can
>contain floating windows. I could have the Gimp on the left 80% of my
>screen, aterms on the right, and the gimp would be unable to spawn
>any crap over my aterms. It also simplifies the metaphor a lot, as we
>no longer have any concrete idea of separate workspaces... It's just
>one constantly mutating meta-workspace.

In lieu of such radical changes, the 'intellegent' (I use
the term loosely) placement could be improved, to get floating
clients in the 'right place' most of the time. This idea seems
very restrictive and applicable to very specific situations,
whereas one of the design principles (I hope) of wmii is freedom
and generality.


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