Re: [wmii] columns

From: Adrian Ratnapala <>
Date: Mon, 29 May 2006 12:54:38 +1000

> Very seldom do I use more than two columns. But I work at
> 1280x1024 res on a 17" screen... ceilings are not 5 feet high so
> midgets can replace lightbulbs, and wmii should not take steps
> backwards, as displays get larger and cheaper.
Hear ye.

> >workspace, and instead make "columns" a way to show multiple
> >"workspaces" simultaneously, one "workspace" per column, with
> >default, stacked, and maximized views for columns like we have for rows?
> So, if I want to move a client from one column to the other, I
> have to change its tag? What if I want to arrange clients of one

The current client moving commands should be refactored
to the new "workspace" based implementation. This means
scripts need an idea of the geometrical arrangement of the
"workspaces", and the whatever handles &c that are needed to
manipulate it.

> In lieu of such radical changes, the 'intellegent' (I use
> the term loosely) placement could be improved, to get floating

I don't want to comment on the specifics here, but if you are
talking about things for wmii-4, then *please* do not be affraid
of radical change.
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