Re: [wmii] More newbie strangeness -- no window decorations?

From: Geoffrey Alan Washburn <>
Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2006 11:16:41 -0400

Anselm R. Garbe wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 05, 2006 at 06:29:48PM -0400, Geoffrey Alan Washburn wrote:
>> For some strange reason, when I open Thunderbird or Firefox now they
>> seem to refuse to be contained within windows. As part of this, when I
>> open a new window over them they always become floats. If I open a new
>> window in another tag group it behaves as normal, but when retagged to
>> be with either Thunderbird or Firefox it behaves mostly as normal but
>> with some strangeness on the part of Thunderbird and Firefox. This only
>> just started happening after I put my laptop to sleep and brought it
>> home. I've restarted X a few times but that doesn't seem to change
>> anything. I don't have anything in /def/rules about either Thunderbird
>> or Firefox, and I moved my wmiirc out of the way. Attempting to switch
>> the application between floating, stacked, max, or default seems to have
>> any effect. This is using wmii-3 from Debian unstable again.
>> Any ideas? Thanks!
> Looks like your $HOME/.[mozilla|firefox] stuff is outdated/out
> of sync. In noticed in such cases that firefox main(!) windows
> have set TRANSIENT_FOR hints...
    I'm not sure what you mean by outdated/out of sync... Outdated/out
of sync with respect to what? I guess the most puzzling thing is that
this behavior started after simply logging out and logging back in. I
didn't upgrade/change any software in the interim.

[Geoff Washburn||]
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