Re: [wmii] wmii-4 fs proposal/discussion

From: Fernando Canizo <>
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2006 11:28:54 -0300

El 09/jun/2006 a las 09:42 -0300, Anselm me decía:
> I think having alphabetically ordered tags looks simple to
> understand and is simple from an implementation point of view. I
> don't think that it is worth the effort to clutter the tag
> namespace with order files. If prepending a number looks
> awkward, what about using 'browse' instead of 'web' that 'dev'
> appears after 'browse'...

The default will behave like now, so the "understanding" part should
not be compromised.

>From an implementation point of view, i'm noone to discuss your code.
But i imagine that reading an index should not be much more effort
than reading a letter. Maybe a couple of steps more. You say like 50
SLOC, well maybe, i don't know. But i think it worth it.

Clutter? I'm not asking to add a bunch of stuff, just a file with one
number in it. But if this is too much for your standards, maybe we can
come up with another way which doesn't involve maintaining another
file. I don't know, what about doing the name mangling in the fs
instead in the viewed tags? So this way we have to deal with strings
in code, and no opening/closing/reading/creating/etc more files than

So if i have this views: 'web chat' i will have this fs:
But in my bar it will not show the numbers.

I don't think this is a better idea, but it solves the cluttering. Take
it as a path of thinking for finding another way.

And about your proposed solution is not that. Maybe calling "browser"
instead of "web" solves this particular issue, but it's not a general
solution. Mangling tag names or thinking on names that are not natural
for me is not the solution i'm looking for. I prefer to be an
unsatisfied user.

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