Re: [wmii] wmii-3 support for complex unicode rendering

From: Suraj N. Kurapati <>
Date: Thu, 03 Aug 2006 18:05:33 -0700

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Suraj N. Kurapati wrote:
> When my locale was en_US.UTF-8, I used to see some extended-ASCII
> garbage in place of Unicode text (in the Telugu language of South
> India) in clients' title bars. But when I change my locale to
> te_IN.UTF-8, the same Unicode text (which used to appear as garbage)
> now makes the entire title bar blank.
> Having all blank title bars makes the stacking layout useless. So,
> is there a way to enable/add Unicode rendering capabilities to wmii-3?

Well, perhaps this is too much to ask. It certainly won't keep wmii
as small as it presently is because you'll have to work with some
external library like libpango.

Fine. How about one of the following simpler tasks:

1. Render unsupported Unicode text as extended-ASCII garbage. This
would make title bars appear as if I were using the en_US.UTF-8 locale.

2. Render only ASCII text and ignore everything else. This would
save me the trouble of mentally ignoring the extended-ASCII garbage
in title bars.

This should be possible by editing the source code, no?
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