Re: [wmii] Popups in all views: is it possible ?

From: Suraj N. Kurapati <>
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 09:45:19 -0700

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Francis GUDIN wrote:
> First issue: Ekiga tries to be smart and sets the popup's title to
> reflect the caller's identity. Hence, a varying label that helps...

You should check the class information of the client instead. This
tells you the kind of program it is, rather than what title it has
chosen to present itself with.

wmiir read /view/sel/sel/class

> *THOUGH* a second issue raised: when the popup gets created, I see no
> "CreateClient" event. I added a "catch-all" clause to watch other
> events, and all I get is a "ClientFocus <number>":
> <snip>
> *)
> echo "EVENT: $event" >> $LOGFILE;;
> esac
> done &
> </snip>

For a ClientFocus event to occur, the respective client must have
already been created---because the client number provided by
ClientFocus points to the "/client/<client number>" client
information path in wmii's file system.

Maybe your logging method might be broken? (I'd just run "wmiir read
/event" in a separate terminal, run Ekiga & receive a call. Then
observe what events are reported in the terminal.)

> How come that event isn't seen by wmii ? Or is it filtered out and not
> reported through /event ?

Maybe that means the pop-up window isn't a fully qualified client.
It could be one of those pseudo notification windows that are
animated in some awkward position on your screen. Azureus does the
same thing with its animated (it slowly rises up from the bottom,
like a zombie from its grave) pop-up notification "windows".

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