Re: [wmii] Re: ruby wmiirc - interactive live demo

From: Suraj N. Kurapati <>
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 14:42:59 -0700

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Constantine Evans wrote:
> This is quite nice, and certainly seems to give a very
> significant speed increase. Your patches are also very nice,
> particularly the horizontal wrapping.

I'm glad you liked it. The speed is all thanks to Stephan Maka's
ruby-ixp library. :-)

> The keybindings, however, are a bit hard to become accustomed to,
> and I don't understand the rationale behind the direction keys
> (are you using a different keyboard layout?).

Yeah, I use the Dvorak keyboard layout on a rather unusual keyboard:
the Kinesis Advantage[1]. On this keyboard, it's easier to press
Control & Alt together than it is to press Shift with those keys.
That's why my shortcuts tend to be modal/multi-level and try not to
include Shift with Control & Alt.

> As a very minor speed increase, have you considered replacing
> system("command &") with a function that does Process.fork {
> exec('command', [options')}? I'm not sure how much of an increase
> this would give, but it would prevent a shell from being started
> every time a new command is run. I've done this in my
> wmiirc-config.rb.

Sweet! It does seem a bit faster now. Thanks for the tip.

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