Re: [wmii] Re: Fwd: [wmii-hackers] - new primary domain,,, and going to be dropped

From: Jeffrey Lim <>
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2006 15:04:59 +0800

On 10/13/06, Anselm R. Garbe <> wrote:
> My point is getting rid of the domain mess, because accessing
> don't presents wmii-related information, accessing
> 10kloc don't presents 10kloc oriented information, accessing
> don't presents penis enlargement information. That's
> why it is not a question of letting a domain survive or not -
> the structure of the site has changed anyways as well, and this
> makes also dead links in google. Renaming a wiki page for
> instance has the same effect in google than renaming a domain, a
> dead link. Actually my decision was to get rid of multiple
> domains with different names pointing so a site which contains
> different information than the domains might make people expect.
> Setting up virtual hosts to handle the multiple domains means
> more adminsitration effort, which I want to prevent. Setting up
> URL rewriting also means more administration effort. Instead of
> getting used to a mess, I try to clean the things up which have
> evolved so far, that's why I only want a single domain for my
> projects, which sounds more ideal to me.
> Sure the transition won't work without any confusion,
> and some brokeness, but after a while the new domain will be
> established - and hopefully only one domain.

Just dont lose any information, man. I'd hate to see any valuable old
information get lost on the way to the new domain...

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