Re: [wmii] wmii-3 and window 'z-index'/'z-stack' handling problem with the float layout

From: Jeffrey Lim <>
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2006 21:39:44 +0800

On 10/14/06, Denis Grelich <> wrote:
> I'm sorry that I can't elaborate on all of your mail atm, there is one
> thing that might help you directly by helping you makeing use of the
> managed mode more often. You CAN resize the columns. Yes, resizing by
> pulling the border has gone (because it was decided that it was not too
> useful, somehow), but you still can resize by »Alt-Right
> Click-Pulling« one of the corners. Hope that helps.

ah yes, that helps all right!!! Veery nice... (i'm smiling again :))
didnt know u could do that... (we really should put that into the
guide as well. Anyway.)

It is a bit of a "visual surprise", though, initially when i saw the
"visual guide" (u know, that sort of "greyish floating window size
guide" to help u gauge the size of what u're going to resize to before
u finally release the mouse button) - cos it is based on "total window
resizing" - even though in the end, what takes effect is only the
width resizing, and not the height resizing. The old wmii-2 didnt have
this problem. But hey, i can live with this - so long as i can still
resize the height, or the width....

> At the floating mode issues: Yes, floating window management sucks
> quite much in current wmii versions. Please bear with us until it is
> fixed in later versions.

:) Sure. If i'm frustrated enough, perhaps i will fork instead... :P

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