Re: [wmii] libixp compilation errors

From: Stefan Tibus <>
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2006 18:09:30 +0200

Hello Anselm,

I achieved compiling libixp and wmii-3.5 using the compiler
by replacing the anonymous structs and unions. In libixp I
made it to be one big struct (thus it allocates more memory
than that union of structs) and in wmii/fs.c I use a single
pointer and appropriate casting for that union of pointers.

Searching for anonymous unions/structs on the net leads me to
the impression that this is a C++ism which has been introduced
to the GNU C compiler. Looking at the Sun Studio 11 documentation
there is nothing "anonymous" at all in the C User's Guide. Only
the C++ User's Guide mentions a switch to enable some language
extensions, including anonymous structs (which seem to be
disallowed in standard C++).

...which leads me to the question: Is it good to make use of
this? Wouldn't it be better to replace it with either type-casts
or named unions/structs? (which are allowed for sure)


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