[wmii] Cygwin problem

From: Ajeetpal Grewal <asgrewal_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2007 04:48:13 +0530

Hi everyone,

I have a working copy of wmii on my linux box.

On Cygwin however, there are some issues. First I could not create a directory on cygwin with the character ":" in the name. This is the default implementation in the wmii script. I got an error like this

wmiiwm: can't stat namespace directory "/tmp/ns.AjeetpalGrewal.:0/": No such file or directory

I changed this to just use /tmp/ns.AjeetpalGrewal/ as the directory. However, when I try to do "wmiir ls /" I get "ixpc: connot connect to server". Although I see the status bar at the bottom of my screen, the rest of the functionality is missing, for example none of the menus pops up ( i have dmenu installed), neither can I use the modifier keys.

What could be the problem? The implementation does not seem to depend on the ":" occurring in the directory name. Does anyone have a workaround???

I am using wmii snapshot (wmii-20070116).
If you need any other info I shall be happy to provide.

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