Re: [wmii] More about Rii

From: Martin Stubenschrott <>
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2007 03:03:04 +0100

On Sat, Jan 27, 2007 at 10:26:34PM +0100, Daniel Waeber wrote:
> > And at least basic commands are working, though no dmenu related things,
> > like mod4-p or mod4-a where just an empty dmenu window comes up. Need to
> > look into it more, why this isn't working...
> The list will be generated on your input. Each tag has it's own list of
> mostly used programms. But you have to used mod-a quit command, so the
> list will be saved. You can try mod-a (in the svn version) to
> see if it is working.

Ah, I see, ok then at least it works as you described. Nice idea, still
not totally sure if it's better than listing all programs in $PATH, but probably
it is, you're right.

> > Unfortunatly not even mod4-1/2/3/4/etc. for switching to a tag work yet.
> Thats strage, it should work, at least with wmii-3.5.1. But check out
> the svn version, perhaps it's already solved.
> svn checkout svn://
> The scripts will improve as I and other use them
> Moreover you can try to start a new wmiirc in a terminal and send the
> output after mod4-1... presses

Ok, now with latest svn at least works, but not as expected. After
startup, I just have one 'work' workspace. When I make a new "workspace"
2 with winkey-t, I can switch between them with winkey1/2. But I was
used to get an empty "workspace" created when I press winkey2 and there
were just no clients yet. This makes more sense than to start an app and
move it to a new workspace afterwards.

Moving a client to a numbered tag with mod4+shift+number also does not
work, but that's probably due to your README entry of prefering tag
names to numbers :)

But great work within a day, now it seems much more polished, and really
ready for daily usage, thanks!

BTW: great idea to support mouse the mouse wheel on the bar and on
client frames! Also to kill a client with a right click was a much
missed feature I had configured in ion3 (actually I was used to middle
click to close but that can be changed easily in your wmiirc).

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