[wmii] Multiply Tagged Floating Client Z-Layer Bug

From: Alexis Hildebrandt <afh_AT_2drop.net>
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2007 23:46:40 +0100

I came across two oddities with a hg tip build on OS X and was wondering
whether anyone could verify whether these might be actual bugs:

1) When tagging a floating client with two or more views it shifts
    its position randomly and is positioned randomly in all views.
    Use the following keystrokes to try to reproduce the behavior:
    $MODKEY-Space # if in managed mode

2) A floating client A with two or more different tags (e.g 1+2) cannot
    be brought in front of another floating client B in just one of the
    views that overlaps A by mere means of mouse focus and button 1
    Using $MODKEY-j and/or $MODKEY-k works just fine.
    Here's a short list of wmii keystrokes that may help on reproducing
    the bug:
    $MODKEY-Return # creates client A
    $MODKEY-Return # creates client B
    # Place client B so it overlaps previously client A. Try to bring
    # client A upfront by mouse over focus and button 1 click, it will
    # fail. With focused client A continue with:
    # Try again to bring focused client A upfront using mouse and you
    # should succeed

After playing around some more with the described scenario, adding more
clients, which reside either just in one view or in more, the behavior
on when a client places itself above the others is not really

Sometimes button 1 click needs an additionally pressed $MODKEY (no I am
not moving the client when doing this) in order to bring it up front.

With this setup it is also possible to see effects of a bug that
I reported a while ago, but that was fixed shortly afterwards (see

Note that in view 1 everything seems to work just fine.

Please let me know if you need more information and whether you can
the same oddities. In the end it could just be me and my setup, thanks.

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