Re: [wmii] Cygwin?

From: Uriel <>
Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2007 23:53:37 +0200

I haven't tried, but I doubt it will work (but who knows). In any case
future versions of wmii(wmii-4) will depend on Plan 9 from User Space
( which so far has not been ported to windows
(although some people have tried, and should be possible).

If you have the disgrace of having to use windows, I would recommend
using acme-sac: Not exactly a window manager,
but it is a 'gui shell' with a window management style very similar to
wmii and some very cool tools.

Best wishes


On 10/6/07, Imran Khan <> wrote:
> Hi, my name is imran and I am a screen addict. I'm looking for a window
> manager that can ease my pain, only problem is it has to work under cygwin.
> Any ideas on how to get this to compile on cygwin? I've tried several snaps
> and tars of wmii, libixp and cannot get them to compile with gcc on cygwin.
> Does anybody use wmii effectively on cygwin?
> In the latest attempt I am trying wmii-3.5.1 release with libixp from
> version 0.3 (found it under snaps libixp-0.3.tar). The error I
> get is in fs.c...
> fs.c: In function `write_buf':
> fs.c:178: error: request for member `twrite' in something not a structure or
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