Re: [wmii] Cygwin?

From: Uriel <>
Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2007 01:27:38 +0200

Right now, yes, but the current wmiirc mess is just awful and in
wmii-4 there will be a single much simpler set of configuration
scripts that use p9p, of course people will be free to use their own
or third party configuration scripts like the ruby and lisp ones that
people have published in the past.

This will make things easier for new users, and people who wants fancy
configurations using whatever language, shell or tools they like still
should be able to do so.

But note that this is only related to configuration, for wmii-4 we
will also change the build system to take advantage of mk and use the
p9p string, regexp and io libraries, and eventually we will integrate
with the p9p plumber and so on, so p9p will be needed for building
wmii anyway.

I hope this helps clarify things a bit (more details when we are done
with wmii-3.6 and work on wmii-4 starts (which if there are no more
serious bug reports about the snap will be later this week).

Best wishes


P.S.: Thanks to whoever posted about this new release to osnews,
although it might have been a better idea to wait for the final
wmii-3.6 release...

P.P.S.: Also note that a new website is on the works, I hope a first
version will be ready before we release 3.6.

On 10/7/07, Suraj N. Kurapati <> wrote:
> Uriel wrote:
> > future versions of wmii(wmii-4) will depend on Plan 9 from User
> > Space (
> This requirement only holds if you want to use the default rc-based
> wmiirc script, correct?
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