[wmii] Floating SDL window

From: Pontus Andersson <a.pontus_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 07 Oct 2007 15:34:07 +0200


It seems that the new snap have problems with floating windows that use
the SDL library. I don't know if it's wmii:s or SDL:s fault, but I
thought I'd report it anyway.
The problem is that wmii can't focus on the client, and thus no input
can be targeted to the client. This worked on the previous 20050516-snap.
I traced it, and found out that the following if-statement in the
focus_client() function, in client.c, didn't succeed, when moving the
mouse over the window. (Although, it got a FocusFloating event)

        if((c == nil || !c->noinput) && screen->focus != c) {

So I compared it to the old snap, and noticed that the corresponding
if-statement only had this expression

        if(screen->focus != c) {

I changed it to see if this "solved" the problem, and indeed it did. But
as I understand it, this 'noinput' value is derived from a WM_HINT
property, which makes me a bit unsure, whether this really is wmii:s
"fault". Anyhow, I guess that someone here knows this better, and
hopefully figure it out.

The SDL apps used, was: frozen-bubble, xmoto.

Thanks to you all for a splendid work on wmii. I really love it! :)

Best regards / Pontus
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