[wmii] Launching Windows in Background

From: Hans Hohenfeld <derhans_AT_nerdshack.com>
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2007 19:45:28 +0100

Hi everbody,

Following use case: I'm starting a terminal (With MOD+Enter)
in wmii and open for exapmle my email client (mutt) in it,
to write an email. While I'm doing this, I decide to start my
feedreader (liferea) from dmenu, which takes a moment to start.
The few seconds liferea takes to launch, I continue writing my
email. When liferea pops up, it suddenly takes the focus from
my email client. That sucks :)

Is there an easy way
a.) to launch a window with another tag right from dmenu?
b.) to launch a window in the same column without loosing
focus (in stacked and default mode)

Thanks in advance



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