[wmii] Several Questions

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Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2007 10:24:39 +0100


I'm new to wmii but (in opposite to Ion and Xmonad) I was somehow
familiar with it from the first moment. It's a nice program.

Now I ask myself the following things:

a) Would it be possible to make the current layout mode of a window
   somehow to be visible? Sometimes, especially after a new window has
   been created, it's not clear on the first view if the window is in
   default, stacked, maximized or dynamic layout. And perhaps one
   tries several keys to move it somewhere (Shift-Mod-l) but the
   window is not responding just because it's in a wrong layout mode
   (dynamic). I think it would be an idea to use the same colors for
   windows in the same layout mode, especially to distinct between
   tiled windows and dynamic windows.

b) Would it be possible to use the entire title bar of a window for
   dragging it around in dynamic layout mode? The symbol in the upper
   left corner is really small and I always click onto the bar at
   first (just because I'm used to do this from other wm) ...

c) What about a key to write back the current layout mode of a window
   into wmiirc? Some applications (Seamonkey) have a lot of windows
   which look like dialogs but are indeed separate and independent
   windows. For instance I want to have the preferences dialog always
   to be in dynamic mode but it always pops up in default mode. Sure,
   I could write a rule. But it would be a great mechanism to press
   just a key in this window to make it permanently coming up in the
   right layout mode, fire and forget.

d) If I start any of the OpenOffice 2.3 applications by using the
   Mod-p mechanism it always comes up in dynamic layout mode. Why? I
   do not have any special rule for OpenOffice, just the default
   wmiirc. They should get onto the default layer like any other
   application. Indeed OpenOffice gets to default mode if I start it
   from an xterm in default mode. (This behavior seems to be
   OpenOffice specific. I don't have any other application doing

e) What does the left most action "exec" do? In my case it terminates
   the X session and returns control to gdm. Is this the intention?

Thanks in advance

T.M., Bern, Switzerland

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