Re: [wmii] problem with 3.6 installation under MacOSX

From: David <>
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 22:32:15 +0100

Joerg van den Hoff <> writes:
>> Make sure you don't have any old configuration files from wmii-3.1 lying
>> around. It should all work if you do a clean install of 3.6.
> I did move the old ones (~/.wmii-3) out of the way (although
> the new ones are in a separate destination (~/.wmii-3.5)
> anyway?), but to no avail.

What about those in /usr/local/etc (given you didn't change the default
directories)? Are you sure you're not using some old wmiirc?

> any more ideas? I'd love to get it to working correctly.

I second the things Alexis wrote: if you use Leopard, you should
definitely get rid of the default X11 since it is a complete disaster.
Instead, you can install the one from macosforge or you downgrade to
Tiger's X11 (that's what I did, see
e.g. on how to do this).

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