Re: [wmii] Extra processes when relaunching rc.wmii or wmiirc

From: Armando Di Cianno <>
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 14:33:28 -0500

sqweek wrote:
> On Dec 20, 2007 5:52 AM, Armando Di Cianno <> wrote:
>> I'm going to travel soon, and I didn't want this issue to get lost to
>> the memory hole, so please excuse the irc copy and paste.
>> I'm guessing that these extra processes hanging around isn't by design,
>> and should be considering a bug.
> Yeah, pretty sure they're harmless though. Something along the way
> (wmii? rc?) is setting up a signal handler for SIGPIPE, which is of
> course inherited across forks. Combined with the fact that "ixpc read"
> doesn't check the return value of its write to stdout and you've got a
> process that won't die (at least, until you close wmii - it does check
> the return on the reading side).
> At a guess, I'd say this is p9p related - part of turning signals
> into notes? But I'm not familiar with the details there, and never
> tracked down the cause.
> -sqweek
After the holidays, I finally had the chance to completely uninstall

With wmiirc, I'm still seeing the multiple instances.

Is everyone else seeing this bizarre behavior?

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